Linux System Programming, 2ed

I'm pleased to announce the release of the second edition of Linux System Programming, my guide to system programming on Linux.

Linux System Programming 2ed, cover

I updated the entire book to reflect new interfaces and behavior in the latest versions of the Linux kernel, glibc, and gcc—3.9, 2.17, and 4.8, respectively—as well as giving the text a universal overhaul with even more examples and interesting anecdotes.

What I am most excited about, however, is an all-new chapter on threading. I cover the basics of Pthreads, of course, but the meat of the chapter is a discussion on threading design and patterns in Linux. Should you use event-driven or thread-per-connection as your threading model? How do Linux's threading solutions scale? What are the costs of and alternatives to threading? How can you mitigate the risk of races? And other such fun topics.

Chapters: Introduction & Essential Concepts, File I/O, Buffered I/O, Advanced File I/O, Process Management, Advanced Process Management, Threading, File & Directory Management, Memory Management, Signals, Time.

The paperback format of the book ships on June 4th. Preorder your copy today:

The ebook version is available today: