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University of Florida CISE: Now More Than Ever

By now you've likely heard the proposal that the University of Florida plans to drastically restructure its Computer Science department, CISE . While the details are not as provocative a picture as the Forbes article paints, the proposal is still bad for the university and its students ( read the actual proposal ). Also, as an alumnus, the proposal is, frankly, embarrassing. At a time when the United States needs more STEM graduates than ever, universities ought be doubling down on their Computer Science programs. I encourage you to write to the university. Even if unaffiliated with Florida, this restructuring sets a bad precedent for other institutions. Today, I sent this email: President Machen & Dean Abernathy, I am writing to express my concern with the proposed changes to CISE. Contra more provocative coverage, I understand that the department is to undergo restructure and not outright elimination. I also understand the significant budgetary pressures facing Florida.