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Spain in Diorama

So I got married.For our honeymoon, we rented a sporty convertible and took off on a road trip around Spain. Three weeks, 3485 kilometers, fifteen Michelin stars.I built these "dioramas" of places we visited.
Granada in Diorama
San Sebasti√°n in Diorama
Barcelona in Diorama
Igeldo in DioramaHopefully the marriage will stick.

Linux Kernel Development, Third Edition

I'll mention this only once, promise.The third edition of my best-selling Linux kernel primer, Linux Kernel Development, is now shipping. The publisher is Addison-Wesley and you can find the book in better local and online booksellers.What's new? Lots. The text is clarified, reworked, and reorganized. The material is fully updated and now based on the 2.6.34 kernel. I also note if and how the 2.6.32 kernel differs, as that release is a "long-term stable" version and thus likely relevant to many readers.New material includes treatment of the Completely Fair Scheduler, an analysis of the flusher threads component to page writeback, and a chapter devoted to kernel data structures.Whether you already own an earlier edition, whether you are a kernel developer or just curious how it all works, Linux Kernel Development is an excellent addition to your bookshelf. But don't take my word for it. From one of the many five-star Amazon reviews (this one of the second edition)…