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Micro Four Thirds

Wanting a lighter kit than the Canon 5D Mark II for my honeymoon, I recently jumped on the Micro Four Thirds bandwagon with a purchase of the Olympus E-PL1 and Panasonic 20mm pancake lens.This crazy sunset is my first shot:
Sunset over Boston's Back BayShot in JPEG, not RAW, and oversharpened a bit, but the image quality is quite good. What's with the grey sky and bright red sunlight?

iPhone OS 4 and Multitasking

What follows is a first-look at the just-announced multitasking features in the next iPhone OS. It is solely my opinion.As I predicted in my previous post on the iPad & iPhone and multitasking, Apple is adding multitasking-like support to iPhone OS 4. And as I wildly speculated, that support is largely (although not completely) in the form of background services. Let's take an initial look.First, as I wrote in my previous post, both the iPad and iPhone support multitasking today. At the system level, many processes run concurrently, and Apple-provided applications are allowed to multitask. What we are discussing here when we say "multitasking" is specifically the ability for third-party applications to multitask.Second, this is a very early look at what Apple announced at today's event, which is still going on as I type this. Thus, cut me some slack. Developers should consult more detailed documents, which ought to crop up over the next few days and weeks.What di…

Why the iPad and iPhone don’t Support Multitasking

Why don't the iPad and iPhone support multitasking? The answer isn't what you think.There is a lot of misconception around support for multitasking in the iPhone and its giant cousin, the iPad. What follows is my analysis of the situation. I am not privy to any insider Apple information. Moreover, while my knowledge is certainly colored by my work on Android, I’m not drawing a comparison or using any Google-specific knowledge.First, obviously the iPhone and the iPad do support multitasking. This is 2010 and both are built on modern, powerful operating systems that provide support for preemptive multitasking. Indeed, at the system level, there are many processes running concurrently. And some Apple-provided applications, such as the music player, clearly multitask.So let’s redefine the complaint. What in actuality is not supported is the ability for third-party applications to multitask. That is, the system enforces a policy whereby once an application leaves the foreground, it…