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Google Maps Navigation

The future is here:
Google Maps NavigationGoogle announces Google Maps Navigation for Android: 3D turn-by-turn GPS navigation with real-time maps and traffic. For free. Shipping first on the Verizon Droid.Other features:Voice searchStreet View integration: See a photo of your next turn or the destinationSearch along route: Find a gas station on your current roadSatellite viewFor more information: Google Maps Navigation for Android.

Linux in a Nutshell 6ed

I've been spending more cycles tweeting than blogging, so I know I don't get to mention this here but once. Yet I am excited to announce the sixth edition of Linux in a Nutshell, the book that DesktopLinux calls the "most complete and authoritative command reference for Linux."I suspect many of this blog's readers consider themselves beyond the need for a Linux reference, but Linux in a Nutshell is an essential book for new and advanced Linux users alike, with the sixth edition going well beyond your basic file utilities and system management. For example, highlights of this edition include,A primer on Linux virtualization, including KVM, libvirt, VMware, and XenIn-depth discussion on the ip command, which replaces ifconfig and the other components of net-toolsA primer on source control management, including entire chapters dedicated to Subversion and GitAn introduction to Upstart, a replacement for the init daemonTopics you only pretend to master: awk, sed, and …