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Some sort of Cat

The greatest Wondermark ever, if not the greatest thing, ever: Slightly switching gears, David Leonhardt on Obamonics in the Times . And, in case you missed it, we released version 0.9 of the Android SDK . Its dreamy.

Broken Elevators

Via Google's Open Source Blog , this Google-sponsored project to study Linux I/O scheduler behavior is quite interesting, yielding unexpected results—for example, deadline is actually best for some workloads and CFS , while ideal for others, has awful worst-case performance. Curious about I/O schedulers? Check out chapter 13 in my favorite kernel book . Want to optimize your code's file I/O and understand scheduling from the perspective of user-space? Read chapter 4 in my favorite system programming book .

Hummers, Cristal, and Cambodian Children: Hello, Nouveau Riche!

Hat tip to loyal reader for making me a billionaire : Expires six months after issue Somewhat unrelated, Amazon is running a special this month wherein you can try Amazon Prime Free for One Month —in other words, get a month of gratis two-day shipping. US only, unfortunately.