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Some sort of Cat

The greatest Wondermark ever, if not the greatest thing, ever:Slightly switching gears, David Leonhardt on Obamonics in the Times.And, in case you missed it, we released version 0.9 of the Android SDK. Its dreamy.

Broken Elevators

Via Google's Open Source Blog, this Google-sponsored project to study Linux I/O scheduler behavior is quite interesting, yielding unexpected results—for example, deadline is actually best for some workloads and CFS, while ideal for others, has awful worst-case performance.Curious about I/O schedulers? Check out chapter 13 in my favorite kernel book. Want to optimize your code's file I/O and understand scheduling from the perspective of user-space? Read chapter 4 in my favorite system programming book.

Hummers, Cristal, and Cambodian Children: Hello, Nouveau Riche!

Hat tip to loyal reader for making me a billionaire:
Expires six months after issueSomewhat unrelated, Amazon is running a special this month wherein you can try Amazon Prime Free for One Month—in other words, get a month of gratis two-day shipping. US only, unfortunately.