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Windows Mobility Center

The stick a bunch of marginally related tasks in the same window approach to user interface design: Things common to, uh, laptops! Weeee!

Final Four

Los Angeles Times on the Top Ten Reasons to Hate the Gators . Suck it, Bruins . Although I would love to again debase everything Joey represents, the Buckeyes will fall to Georgetown , and then we will have ourselves a championship game. Larry Summers in the Financial Times on policymakers' need to take a long-term view . The indefatigable Jon Stokes in Ars Technica on Intel's forthcoming Nehalem architecture : Oregon-inspired funny name, 45 nm manufacturing process, up to eight cores , an on-die memory controller , optional integrated graphics subsystem , and the return of SMT .

Gramercy Tavern

Flight back from Beijing connected in EWR , so I spent the weekend in New York . Guest Photographer The Politico on Google lobbyists . Sarah Hamersma , a University of Florida professor, in today's New York Times on a minimum wage versus the EITC .

A Last Night in Beijing

Tambet is kicking butt with his NetworkManager redesign . The Politico on Senator McCain's pledge to accept public funding in the general . Zalmay Khalizad in Saturday's Washington Post .