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In Beijing

Bill Gates on American competitiveness in Sunday's Washington Post.Ryan Lortie's au courant analysis of Gtk memory consumption places plenty of blame on Pango. I am pleased to see the heightened level of VM-savvy in memory debates. Gone are the days of wholesale comparisons of VM footprint; we now grok RSS versus not, writable versus read-only, private versus shared. Tools such as pmap(1) deserve much of the credit. In OpenSUSE, by the by, our pmap uses smaps to display per-mapping RSS, too.With Governor Vilsack out, The Politico covers the increased political stakes for Senator Edwards. Despite the #3 candidate, Edwards is leading in Iowa. Remember when he was a moderate?

Plead the Fifth

Placed beaglefs in beagle svn.Crazy Jim Cramer, preserved on YouTube, spills the beans on hedge fund tactics and market manipulation. Fascinating—and far from legal.

Forced Retirement