Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chinese Mountain Hawk

A photograph of the fabled Chinese Mountain Hawk, renowned for its ability to lift over seven hundred times its weight:

Chinese Mountain Hawk

Later in the day, JP and I watched a particularly handsome specimen maim a water buffalo.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Third in One Day

JP pointed me at Jeff Han's new Minority Report-style UI. Check out the video.

Forbidden City

Economist Thomas Sowell on Senator Obama's economic plans.

In Beijing

Bill Gates on American competitiveness in Sunday's Washington Post.

Ryan Lortie's au courant analysis of Gtk memory consumption places plenty of blame on Pango. I am pleased to see the heightened level of VM-savvy in memory debates. Gone are the days of wholesale comparisons of VM footprint; we now grok RSS versus not, writable versus read-only, private versus shared. Tools such as pmap(1) deserve much of the credit. In OpenSUSE, by the by, our pmap uses smaps to display per-mapping RSS, too.

The Great Wall at Badabing

With Governor Vilsack out, The Politico covers the increased political stakes for Senator Edwards. Despite the #3 candidate, Edwards is leading in Iowa. Remember when he was a moderate?

25 and 5 months

In China.

Robert on the
Great Wall

Fun fact: When President Nixon visited the Great Wall during his monumental 1972 visit, he joked, it sure is a great wall.

What does that
even mean?

The Politico reports that President Carter will endorse Vice President Gore, and his one issue campaign, for President on today's This Week. The episode will additionally feature Patrick Dempsey.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Plead the Fifth

Placed beaglefs in beagle svn.

Crazy Jim Cramer, preserved on YouTube, spills the beans on hedge fund tactics and market manipulation. Fascinating—and far from legal.