Browser Statistics

Browser Statistics for this Blog

Tip of the hat to Google Analytics, uncluttered in presentation, amazingly useful in result, for producing these browser statistics for my blog:

Interesting how technically-skewed my readership is, given that in these statistics Firefox holds a comfortable lead on IE when, in the aggregate, IE continues (sadly) to command a majority of the browser market. Also unexpected is that people use Mozilla SeaMonkey (via AOL, perhaps?).

Not surprising is the lack of niche browsers such as Epiphany, Konquerer, and Camino—the latter of which has a quarter of a percent, actually—given the relative low penetration of their operating systems and the strong allure of Firefox and Safari.

Note that the statistics are biased as they are generated only from page-views and not via the feed. This bias likely manifests as a tendency away from enthusiast platforms and their browsers and towards IE on Windows.