Linux System Programming: Greatest or Best?

Linux System Programming

Linux System Programming is out!

Published by O'Reilly and with a foreword by Greg K-H, the work is a classic discussion on and reference of Unix system programming, from a pure Linux standpoint. The pages not wasted on bloviating on five worthless standards and the behavior of System V are retasked to exploring Linux-specific optimizations and interfaces.

The book covers the basics (files, processes, signals, time) but also answers questions such as, How does Linux implement I/O? How can you hint to Linux's page cache your application's behavior? How can you tune glibc's memory allocator? Whether you are writing a low-level daemon in C or a higher level beast in Perl—or simply curious—Linux System Programming will improve your quality of life.

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Still unsure about making a purchase? Peruse the tome on Google Book Search, check out the table of contents, browse the index, or marvel at a sample chapter (Advanced I/O).