From the Worst Named to the Best

For awhile now, I have intended to move away from PyBlosxom, mainly due to its name. Blogger does not have import functionality, but it does provide access via the incredibly powerful GData API, which is an Atom-based protocol for writing and reading data to and from Google services. Our mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. In pursuit of that goal, GData lets you access data from outside of Google proper, or even from contexts other than a web browser.

Robert in England drinking tea
Afternoon Tea, The Capital Hotel, London

Anyhow, I wrote py2blogger over the weekend, a tool for importing your pyblosxom files into Blogger via GData. It likely works for blosxom, too.

Two caveats. First, later versions of pyblosxom support storing entries in various formats. This tool works only with the classic model: Publish date is the file's m time, blog title is the first line in the file, blog entry is all subsequent lines.

Second, Blogger implements rate limiting to hinder the efforts of spammers. Once over a per-day post limit, you will have to fill out a CAPTCHA to submit each post; py2blogger obviously does not support this.

Oh, this thing could end up blogging your tax information and divorcing your wife. Use at your own risk.