This marks my 261st blog entry as a Novell employee. It shall also mark my last.

An operose decision, I resigned as Chief Architect of our Linux Desktop endeavor, effective today.

In the house that Ximian built, we dreamt and saw to fruition the world's finest Linux desktop, Linux's first desktop commercial success. Seated at the table aside some of the industry's sharpest hackers, we challenged ourselves not with the goal of building another Linux desktop, but with the aim of engineering a more perfect desktop—Linux or otherwise. Unsatisfied with simply cheaper, we went for broke: better and faster, too. SLED's éclat is ours.

Leaving is never easy. But here and now the timing is right and so, after three and a half years, here's to what's next.

My work email won't forward, so hit me @rlove.org.