I don't really do original content

A month or so ago, I moved the bulk of my rlove.org services to Google Apps Premiere. Joey, as he is wont to do, soon followed. With confidence in your equal satisfaction, I highly recommend it.

Jon Stokes in Ars Technica on the new instructions and performance characteristics of Intel's Penryn core. Also, Anand's—I know, I know—take on the same.

Peter informed me that TurboTax is not quite so turbo. Thankfully, I filed last week.

And in other signs that the end of the world is neigh: The BlackBerry network breaks.

Caligraphist in

Ingo Molnar releases a completely new, and fair, process scheduler. A fair scheduling class is ideal for desktop workloads. Check out the patch.

David Leondardt in today's New York Times on the economic advisers advising each presidential candidate.

John Stossel, in a posting today in Real Clear Politics, on tax reform. No surprise where John falls. His post mentions H.R.25, the FairTax, an excellent implementation of a consumption tax with rebate. I suspect it will need a deduction for mortgage payments, however.

Robert Robb in the Arizona Republic: Senator McCain shines on fiscal issues.