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Plot Thickens

On Meet the Press today, Senator Obama had quite a reversal on the likelihood of a 2008 run.

Classical Liberalism

The Economist this week argues that libertarians might prove to be 2008's swing vote:[American voters] can vote to kick the state out of the bedroom, or the boardroom, but not both.In 2000 George Bush won 72% of the libertarian vote, to Al Gore's 20%, by repeating the mantra "My opponent trusts government. I trust you." But in 2004, after Mr Bush increased the size of government and curtailed some civil liberties as part of the war on terror, his margin dropped to 59%-38%. The swing was as sharp in congressional races, too.The party of both Goldwater and Santorum might need to pick a side.


Boston skyline from Washington Tower in Mt. Auburn CemeteryI quite like this photo that Fredrik snapped of the crew in Barcelona.