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The R. Love People Browser , leveraging little more than Beagle and beaglefs : Also, beaglefs 1.0.3 landed.

Moving On

And now, beaglefs 1.0.1 : Better error reporting, Memory Slices , reader-writer locks , and even more beautiful code. Give it a whirl. It is easy to both build and use. Cathedral of Santa Eulalia

Spatchcock and Squid

Over the weekend I learned that Jon Stokes, famed Ars Technica Senior CPU Editor, has a book, Inside the Machine , hitting shelves in October. If this new effort at all resembles his learned and sophic work on Ars, it will shine. An informative article on fully buffered DIMMs . As Seen on La Rambla Finally— I know! —installed the 2006 OS release on my Nokia 770 . Quite nice, and pleased to see that they sport kernel preemption. I like the Google integration, although Google Talk is a tad limiting as comparatively no one uses it—but that should change . Michael Oren , author of Six Days of War , offers his thoughts on Israel vís-a-vís Syria in The New Republic .

Red Dawn

beaglefs 0.9 hits the streets, with a lone bug fix. I smell 1.0 soon. Me in BCN

A Really Nice Dog

Google Browser Sync is quite nice. We released NetworkManager 0.6.4 . Bug fixes galore. Packages will land in OpenSUSE soon. Open by Inode for ext3. Gasp! A bit belated, but while in Barcelona I did an Open Audio Interview with the infamous Reverend Ted . As did David , Jimmy , and Joey . Check them out.

A Great Way for Purging an Ex-Girlfriend From Your Life

One of my goals at GUADEC was to raise the level of community debate surrounding FUSE . Neither the maintainer or even a real contributor, I have no vested interest in the code. Merely an impressed user, my mission was to foster acceptance or find a real and legitimate counterpoint. To excel, GNOME must not cater to the lowest common denominator. In my FUSE talk , I addressed the benefits of FUSE—kernel mounts, POSIX I/O, simplicity, mmap() , performance—and the work we would need to do—we still need and want an asynchronous I/O library on top, for example. Plus a stream library. But we need and want those things, anyhow. The reception was positive and, as a next step, some smart people plan to play and evaluate. The Get a Load of This Guy As a demonstration for my FUSE talk—as well as Joey's Beagle talk—I hacked together beaglefs , a filesystem that represents a live Beagle query. I spent some time cleaning it up; I now consider it feature complete and stable. Thu