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Salido Con Emergencia

Swim naked in the Mediterranean: check


In the all-day GNOME Advisory Board meeting, although I stole away for Pat's power management BOF. Alex's talk: Look at this room! Yesterday, Joey and I waxed with the LugRadio folks. I have not listened to the interview , but I smell Spoken Grammy . The Fredrik I put up the slides from my NetworkManager and my FUSE talk.

Look, I am Unpredictable

Live from GUADEC ! Announcing a change in my talk, which is 16:00 today: In addition to a lively chat on NetworkManager , I will perform a Balanchine-inspired song and dance on FUSE . Double your value! Joey on the bus to the conference (there were snakes on the bus) Also, the O'Reilly booth has four copies of Linux in a Nutshell remaining. Pick a copy up, support your local Humane Society , and get the book autographed!

Exercise The Cat with Beagle The Filesystem

Jimmy , Joey , Larry , and I land at NCE Sunday morning. We are all looking forward to a wonderful GUADEC in the French Riviera . Sources tell me that Nice has absolutely stellar malt balls and ham. And I will not arrive empty handed. Of late I have been playing with FUSE . For the kids, I wrote beaglefs : $ ./beaglefs joey ./query $ ls ./query 14-38-39.jpg 2005-02-25.191427.txt img_0931.jpg img_1789.jpg 2004-10-14.112903.txt 2005-02-28.114211.txt img_0983.jpg img_1818.jpg 2004-10-29.122217.txt 2005-03-07.114103.txt img_1358.jpg img_2506.jpg 2004-11-01.112509.txt 2005-03-08.115321.txt img_1359.jpg img_2507.jpg 2004-11-05.140919.txt 2005-03-11.140838.txt img_1360.jpg img_2518.jpg 2005-02-03.120233.txt img_0179.jpg img_1768.jpg wolf.txt $ ls -la query/img_1358.jpg lrwxrwxrwx 1 rlove users 60 2006-06-23 17:50 query/img_1358.jpg -> /home/rlove/images/nyc_20041210/img_1358.jpg $ fusermount -u query/ Mount a Beagle query as a fi

Are you some sort of wolf?

Today the Washington Post carries a great piece on network neutrality by Lawrence Lessig and Robert McChesney , No Tolls on The Internet . It is a convincing remonstration—I like the cable TV analogy—but I am still bearish on government intervention. Yesterday, we released NetworkManager 0.6.3 . What is the adage, sell in May and stay away ? I should better listen.