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Salido Con Emergencia

Swim naked in the Mediterranean: check


In the all-day GNOME Advisory Board meeting, although I stole away for Pat's power management BOF.
Alex's talk: Look at this room!Yesterday, Joey and I waxed with the LugRadio folks. I have not listened to the interview, but I smell Spoken Grammy.
The FredrikI put up the slides from my NetworkManager and my FUSE talk.

Look, I am Unpredictable

Live from GUADEC!Announcing a change in my talk, which is 16:00 today: In addition to a lively chat on NetworkManager, I will perform a Balanchine-inspired song and dance on FUSE. Double your value!
Joey on the bus to the conference (there were snakes on the bus)Also, the O'Reilly booth has four copies of Linux in a Nutshell remaining. Pick a copy up, support your local Humane Society, and get the book autographed!

Exercise The Cat with Beagle The Filesystem

Jimmy, Joey, Larry, and I land at NCE Sunday morning. We are all looking forward to a wonderful GUADEC in the French Riviera. Sources tell me that Nice has absolutely stellar malt balls and ham.And I will not arrive empty handed. Of late I have been playing with FUSE. For the kids, I wrote beaglefs:$ ./beaglefs joey ./query
$ ls ./query
14-38-39.jpg 2005-02-25.191427.txt img_0931.jpg img_1789.jpg
2004-10-14.112903.txt 2005-02-28.114211.txt img_0983.jpg img_1818.jpg
2004-10-29.122217.txt 2005-03-07.114103.txt img_1358.jpg img_2506.jpg
2004-11-01.112509.txt 2005-03-08.115321.txt img_1359.jpg img_2507.jpg
2004-11-05.140919.txt 2005-03-11.140838.txt img_1360.jpg img_2518.jpg
2005-02-03.120233.txt img_0179.jpg img_1768.jpg wolf.txt
$ ls -la query/img_1358.jpg
lrwxrwxrwx 1 rlove users 60 2006-06-23 17:50 query/img_1358.jpg ->
$ fusermount -u query/Mount a Beagle query as a filesystem. The filesystem …

Are you some sort of wolf?

Today the Washington Post carries a great piece on network neutrality by Lawrence Lessig and Robert McChesney, No Tolls on The Internet. It is a convincing remonstration—I like the cable TV analogy—but I am still bearish on government intervention.Yesterday, we released NetworkManager0.6.3.What is the adage, sell in May and stay away? I should better listen.