The Entry from the Seventeenth of December

Yesterday, I received a copy of Jon Stokes' hardcover piece de resistance, Inside the Machine. I read over preproduction proofs awhile back, but Jon's approachable style, the full color diagrams, and his use of modern architectures to give example to theory, continue to delectate. Highly recommended.

I would be remiss if I did not shill for my own work: Inside the Machine is an excellent compliment to Linux Kernel Development. Learn the machine and then learn its master.

Paris Sunset

This Bruce Schneier parody of the now-hackneyed Chuck Norris facts is cute: Most people use passwords, some people use passphrases, Bruce Schneier uses an epic passpoem. And, For Bruce Schneier, SHA-1 is merely a compression algorithm. Also, Bruce Schneier had a 3-way with Alice and Bob.