Party at Joey's Let's Ruin His New Home I Hear He Does Not Have Flood Insurance

Google's release of Picasa for Linux is met with mixed reaction, despite using GNOME Volume Manager to power their camera auto-detection. A common derision amongst the Slashdot et al crowd goes, if Google cared about Linux, they would not have used WINE but in lieu made a native port. This reasoning is fallacious.

Releasing a Picasa variant for Linux signals that Google cares about the Linux market, for one reason or another. Simple as that. What a release via WINE, as opposed to a native port, does indicate is that Google is not overly interested in Linux as a platform. In Google's calculation, the cost of a native port outweighed the benefit of a native vís-a-vís a WINE-fueled Picasa.

Is that really unexpected? Our development platform is no shining star. We have two toolkits, poor binary compatibility, and unclear direction. To be sure, vendors such as Novell are devoting increasing effort toward improving the Linux ISV and platform story. But the community must make it a priority as well, from the kernel up through the highest levels of the graphical desktop. If developers can get nine-tenths of the way there with emulation, why wade into the mess full tilt? To find success, the benefits of native development on the platform must outweigh the costs. If Linux had the market share of Windows, we could get away with an awful platform. We are not yet there.

As for me? I am sticking with F-Spot: Fast, powerful, open, Larry-esque.

Elsewhere, the market bounced yesterday as predictedhoped. The oversold reversal spread overseas and continues today with a positive open amid not unexpected market indicators. In particular, financial issues are staging a nice recovery, although technology stocks are flat.