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With a little help from your compiler

GCC offers a plethora of extensions to the C language. Many of these extensions allow the programmer to communicate information--knowledge about the behavior or usage of functions, variables, and expressions--to the compiler, in hopes of the compiler generating more optimized code.Many Linux programmers are unaware of GCC's bountiful extensions, but other barriers prevent their more wide-spread use: They are ugly and they generate non-portable (GCC-specific) code. With a single header file, however, the extensions can be beautified and made portable in one swoop. If only all relationships were that easy. #if __GNUC__ >= 3 # define inline inline __attribute__ ((always_inline)) # define __pure __attribute__ ((pure)) # define __const __attribute__ ((const)) # define __noreturn __attribute__ ((noreturn)) # define __malloc __attribute__ ((malloc)) # define __must_check __attribute__ ((warn_unused_result)) # define __deprecated __attribute__ ((deprecated)) # define __used __att…

Jokers to the Left

Neverball, with a patch from The Reveman to keep the ground level despite extreme laptop rotation, rendered via Xgl and powered by hdaps

Power Up