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Ginger Carrot

Released schedutils version 1.5.0, which adds ionice(1), a tool for manipulating I/O priorities.

Remarkable Bird, the Norwegian Blue

Since inotify system call stubs are not yet in glibc, I put up a header file to add them.I also put up first-draft minimalist inotify man pages.At the Kernel Summit. Linus on changing the default I/O scheduler to CFQ: It better not eat anybody's disks, because when someone loses his porn collection, I hear about it for years.The wise and noble Jon Trowbridge is speaking at OLS on Friday at 1130 on Beagle and--he assures me--the recently-merged inotify. The effort we exert to model the file system in user-space, allowing the 'ol pooch to do what he does best, is pretty impressive and should make for an interesting talk.Humorous Monty Python air to Chief Justice Rehnquist's non-retirement statement: I'm not dead!

Hall Ave, not Street

Nat made it back in time for the awesome parties last night.
Look at all those Harry Potter deliveriesOff to Ottawa for Kernel Summit.Update: Marcello and I just barely survived the flight from hell.

Tour de Nat

Every generation has its heroes. Men and women of selfless valor, pure heart, true intention. Motivated by altruism and justice, guided by faith, these men and women are our leaders, our inspiration, and our hope for a better tomorrow.And then there are some men who just want to prove other men wrong.The Tour de Nat is more than a 120 mile one-man race from posh Commonwealth Ave in Boston to the rustic tip of Cape Cod. It is the melding of man and machine, one man's quest to find himself and prove that nay-saying bastard wrong. It is also a little bit retarded and entirely unnecessary.As promised, I am narrating Nat's campaign in real-time, complete with live photo and video.0400. Nat has slept only an hour, if at all. The excitement too strong to quell, he lies awake despite the NyQuil.0420. Nat departs his home on bike, groggy from the NyQuil, riding down Comm Ave toward his destiny. The fate of a nation lies in his hands. Video (you can play these with RealPlayer).0…

Another Legislative Success

With inotify in Linus's tree, let us take a break from the economic rants and sordid stories of Bostonian fun and look at how to use the beast.This is going to get technical.First step is to initialize an inotify instance and associated queue: int fd; fd = inotify_init (); if (fd < 0) perror ("inotify_init"); Second step is to watch some objects. Events are generated against registered watches (and their children). Each watch is comprised of a (path,mask) pair and represented by a watch descriptor (wd). The watch mask is a bitmask of one or more events, defined in inotify.h.Let's add a watch for closes (but only if the file was opened for writing!) and any extended attribute changes to the file coworker_blackmail.txt: int wd; wd = inotify_add_watch (fd, "coworker_blackmail.txt", IN_CLOSE_WRITE | IN_ATTRIB); if (wd < 0) perror ("inotify_add_watch&q…

This is what we train for

Inotify is in 2.6.13-rc3.And victorious in war shall be made glorious in peace.

This Weather

Got NetworkManager's VPN support rollin' on SUSE:Joey, forget CNN and get with the Post. The Washington Post is to CNN as gold is to feces. It is our nation's greatest paper.


Our Scopes Trial script--which Nat placed under a CC license--is linked off of their front page!We are debating what to reenact next. McCarthy hearings? Trial of Socrates?Nadav Rotem, inspired by my GUADEC talk on GNOME optimization, released Rapido, a visual profiler for Linux.

Scopes BBQ

We did a Scopes Monkey Trial Reenactment / BBQ for the Fourth. Nat provides a good description and the script.Nat spent hours distilling the eight day trial into a 25 page script that would hold our mildly inebriated audience's attention.I played John T. Scopes, but Joey, as William Jennings Bryan, totally stole the show.Interestingly, Scopes' counsel included Clarence Darrow, who had represented Leopold and Loeb.As with last year, the BBQ included corn. Also, this view sucks.

I Ate Better Food the Two Weeks I Spent in Prison

We released gnome-volume-manager 1.3.2, rife with fejj's iPod support and other tasty treats.David's recent hal support for gnome-vfs is sweet.No surprise, the Fed raised the short-term interest rate to three and a quarter.Who's next?