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Again, inspiring the uninspired

The GUADEC folks keep harassing me for a photo and a bio and a urine sample. It is a neverending tirade from them. They just keep wanting more and more but never give anything. Blah, blah, blah! Anyhow, I did not have any self-portraits on hand--who does?--so I had to recruit Joey and my pinata, not coincidently named Lil' Joey, for a quick shoot in the office. Another list from Tomboy. First names that I have had: Robert. Venezuela's Chavez finally figures out to which ideology he subscribes. In the process, he demonstrates that he has no understanding whatsoever of economics. Or of history, for that matter. Yesterday, I hacked up a kernel patch and corresponding pmap (1) support for per-VMA RSS statistics. Today, I added per-VMA anonymous statistics. This allows us to see exactly how much of a given mapping is physically in-core (for example, which pages of this 289MB file mapping are we actually using?) and how much of a mapping is anonymous (for example,

Inspire the Uninspired

Again, it snows. Just to the left of the Good News Messenger is my trusty steed, Tomboy . In addition to the usual Tomboy notes, such as an inventory of foodstuffs in our breakfast bonanza , I keep a lot of lists in Tomboy. Breeds of dog I have owned: Golden Retriever States in which I have lived, other than California, Florida, and Massachusetts: Democratic nominees for President in 2000 whom I have met: Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.

The first definition is not irony

I finally finished the design of the great inotify locking rewrite. The plan is to remove the current incestuous interrelations between the various data structures and stick to a very strict, one-way, hierarchy. It is a bit too complicated to hash out here, but my whiteboard in the office enshrines the details. SUSE 9.1, 9.2, NLD9, and SLES9 users can grab a Grand Unified kernel package and run. If less fortunate: current patch . Andy, Crashing on my couch Readers of my book often ask what text editor I use. I do not know why they do not ask more interesting questions, such as, Can I have my money back? (My publisher says I need to point out here that I am kidding, the book is wonderful.) Anyhow, I use Vim . More interestingly, Linus uses--last I checked--a variant of Emacs called uemacs (MicroEmacs). It is small and lightweight. In other words, a complete opposite of normal Emacs. SUSE users can install it via the "uemacs" package. Nat has these pictures in

Good Taste

I think Joey has been rubbing off on my book 's readers: Buy both LKD and FYOSS and receive a free kazoo! The flood yesterday was pretty wild. We did not get to build a raft out of snow, but my apartment did have weak water pressure.


To loud cheers of adoration, I released gnome-volume-manager 1.1.3 (unstable branch) and 1.0.3 (stable). Get on it.