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Again, inspiring the uninspired

The GUADEC folks keep harassing me for a photo and a bio and a urine sample. It is a neverending tirade from them. They just keep wanting more and more but never give anything. Blah, blah, blah! Anyhow, I did not have any self-portraits on hand--who does?--so I had to recruit Joey and my pinata, not coincidently named Lil' Joey, for a quick shoot in the office.Another list from Tomboy.First names that I have had: Robert.Venezuela's Chavez finally figures out to which ideology he subscribes. In the process, he demonstrates that he has no understanding whatsoever of economics. Or of history, for that matter.Yesterday, I hacked up a kernel patch and corresponding pmap(1) support for per-VMA RSS statistics. Today, I added per-VMA anonymous statistics.This allows us to see exactly how much of a given mapping is physically in-core (for example, which pages of this 289MB file mapping are we actually using?) and how much of a mapping is anonymous (for example, which of these sha…

Inspire the Uninspired

Again, it snows.Just to the left of the Good News Messenger is my trusty steed, Tomboy. In addition to the usual Tomboy notes, such as an inventory of foodstuffs in our breakfast bonanza, I keep a lot of lists in Tomboy.Breeds of dog I have owned: Golden Retriever
States in which I have lived, other than California, Florida, and Massachusetts:
Democratic nominees for President in 2000 whom I have met: Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.

The first definition is not irony

I finally finished the design of the great inotify locking rewrite. The plan is to remove the current incestuous interrelations between the various data structures and stick to a very strict, one-way, hierarchy. It is a bit too complicated to hash out here, but my whiteboard in the office enshrines the details.SUSE 9.1, 9.2, NLD9, and SLES9 users can grab a Grand Unified kernel package and run.If less fortunate: current patch.
Andy, Crashing on my couchReaders of my book often ask what text editor I use. I do not know why they do not ask more interesting questions, such as, Can I have my money back? (My publisher says I need to point out here that I am kidding, the book is wonderful.) Anyhow, I use Vim.More interestingly, Linus uses--last I checked--a variant of Emacs called uemacs (MicroEmacs). It is small and lightweight. In other words, a complete opposite of normal Emacs. SUSE users can install it via the "uemacs" package.Nat has these pictures in his apartment th…

Good Taste

I think Joey has been rubbing off on my book's readers:
Buy both LKD and FYOSS and receive a free kazoo!The flood yesterday was pretty wild. We did not get to build a raft out of snow, but my apartment did have weak water pressure.


To loud cheers of adoration, I released gnome-volume-manager 1.1.3 (unstable branch) and 1.0.3 (stable).Get on it.