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I am psyched to welcome Greg Kroah-Hartman to The Big N!
Greg rejecting a patch at the Kernel SummitHappy kernel hacking, duder!

There is a lot of snow

I was surprised to walk into the lounge in our office yesterday and see that not much was left of our breakfast bonanza, although the donation bucket that Miguel put up as a joke has some money in it.
My Street, Infamous 2005 BlizzardI was recently reading that there used to be rent control in Boston. It has been abolished state-wide since 1994, but there were some failed attempts last year to restore it. Rent control is a great example of a political solution to an economic problem; I don't think a (sane) economist has ever endorsed the idea. Rent control essentially abolishes the use of price as a mechanism of information transmission. The problem is that, in a stable market, prices properly reflect the position of supply versus demand. This is why rent control leads to the reduced availability of real estate. Look at either New York or San Francisco during rent control: Demand far exceeded supply after and was balanced prior.Back on Earth, the price of real estate is a fun…

Blizzard of 2005

Historians have already named it the Great Blizzard of 2005 and proclaimed it the worst blizzard in recorded history. Or at least since 1928. Definitely the worst blizzard since I moved here.My buddy Dustin was in town, visiting law schools. The weather decided to help me convince him of the merits of Boston over New York by dumping thirty plus inches of fine white powder on the ground. I think he enjoyed Boston nonetheless.
Behind Door Number Two ...On Sunday, the blizzard still pillaging the city, Dustin and I decided to go sledding. NBC 7 was interviewing people playing in the Common and some chick said that Charles Street Supply still had a good selection of winter toys. So we set off to get some equipment and then find the girl.Charles St was running low by the time we got there, but I picked up a ninja-fast sled, The Torpedo, and this thing called--I think--the Super Sheet. Don't ask about the sheet.
It is super fast and uncontrollable (where have I heard that before?)We…

Linux Kernel Development, 2ed

The second edition of my grand treatise on sane economic policy, the relationship between countably infinite sets and parrot gestation length, and the Linux kernel is done, shipped, and available for purchase. It is more than just a rehash of the previous book and I encourage everyone to help me feed my youngest child: Buy a copy or two and carry it with you everywhere you go.If you do not yet own the book, you should purchase it because it is a practical work aimed at both understanding the current Linux kernel and on developing new kernel code. The book is written from an insider's perspective with an eye toward allowing the reader to actually understand the kernel and get some work done and not simply drown in the boring depths of obscure theory. The book is funny and--if I may toot my own horn--incredibly well written. Covering core kernel subsystems, API, and algorithms, the work is hopefully invaluable to kernel developers new or advanced as well as enthusiasts simply sat…