My Favorite Animal is the Jeep

Perhaps everyone already knows, I am the last to hear, but my friend and colleague Jimmy K showed me the --color flag for grep(1). Drop a line such as "alias grep='grep --color=auto'" and grep for some random function in a source tree—totally life changing.

The Perfect 10 College Sports Bars: My baby is #8, which is phenomenal, but clearly the author has not spent sufficient time at The Swamp, lest he would know that it is vastly superior to Harpo's. I mean, seriously, Harpo's? Has anything of use come out of Missouri since President Harry S Truman? And he tried to nationalize the steel industry!

Last night in class, we watched Chairman Greenspan's testimony. Raised a few interesting points, and repeated some important but already known concerns, but I had hoped that the Joint Economic Committee would have asked more pressing and useful questions. For example, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), asked him what was the cause of the 1981 recession? For the love of cheetahs, take advantage of his (Humphrey-Hawkins act mandated) presence and ask a question of substance—everyone in the room should have been able to answer that mind-bender! The JEC put up a copy of his testimony, but it does not include the Q&A, which is where the party really was.