Better late than never, today I received my Nokia 770. Don't listen to the crap everyone is talking, the resolution is stunning.

rml and 770
Photo by Joey from above

But, look, I need the Lazy Web's help. I am fighting tooth and nail to get my cell phone (Sony Ericsson T610), my celluar provider (T-Mobile), and the 770 to play nicely together. I hate to say it, I rarely concede the point, but I need help.

I have done the obvious, so I don't need to know my WAP provider. My phone is setup for WAP/MMS and I have the APN and CID. I followed directions all over the web. The T610 and 770 communicate fine via Bluetooth and the T610 can access T-zones fine but together they fail to establish a data connection. If I could obtain some sort of useful error message, I might be able to debug it. As it stands, I am cold, naked, and without celluar-powered Internet.

I just noticed that today is 11 November. That is 11-11. Imagine if this were 2011, it would be 11-11-11. Six years could not come any sooner.