Spanish Techno

La la la, the famed hdaps driver found its way into 2.6.14-rc1—that was easy.

If you have a recent ThinkPad, give it a whirl. It is a fun toy and, one day, will serve a practical purpose and protect your disk heads from an abrupt and otherwise lethal fall.

US Federal Reserve set to raise rates again, The Financial Times: Andrew Balls says that, despite the economic effects of Katrina, The Fed will raise interest rates at their next meeting. That much I agree is certain. The wording of their policy statement and the probability of further rate hikes is less known, however, according to Mr Balls. High energy prices, "little spare production capacity", and large cash reserves can all exert upward pressure on inflation.

The Fed has raised rates a quarter point at every one of its last ten meetings, bringing the target federal funds rate to three and a half percent. That will surely rise to three and three quarters next week. But after that?

Steve Forbes has a new Flat Tax book out. I don't know if he is testing the waters for a 2008 run or simply still fed up with the US tax process, but I continue to support a negative income tax, which provides a flat tax.

By and by, the former Red Carpet team is hiring a Senior Engineer in our esteemed Cambridge office. Special powers such as juggling or levitation are a plus but not a hard requirement.