Marching Bands of Manhattan

Bookpool has a special where a purchase of Linux in a Nutshell 5ed comes with a free Linux in a Nutshell t-shirt. Unfortunately, the t-shirts do not have my face on them, but be trendy and order a copy or two today.

Fejj is working on GNOME Volume Manager of late. Among other sweetness, he committed working iPod, printer, and scanner support. I have been mulling over renaming the project GNOME Hardware Manager.

view of midtown
Midtown Manhattan from the top, last weekend

Updated the IBM Hard Drive Active Protection System driver and user-space utilities. The driver now does DMI-based whitelisting and automatic axis inverting. The user-space tools now perform a lot smoother, especially the GL laptop toy, thanks to some jitter management.

Yesterday, Joey and I walked to Newberry Comics to get the new Death Cab CD. A little more produced than earlier efforts, but the big label jump was not the Causa Mortis I feared.