Linux in a Nutshell

LIAN 5ed

The fifth edition of Linux in a Nutshell, which I coauthored, is out and ready to be bought.

This edition covers all of the crucial user, administrator, and networking commands across all of the major Linux distributions. New or updated material in this edition include Subversion, package management, Postfix, GRUB, Emacs, vi, sed and gawk. Commands and utilities have been updated for their latest versions, including changes brought on by the 2.6 Linux kernel.

A comprehensive yet concise reference manual, this book will be the golden trophy on any user's, administrator's, or developer's bookshelf.

Grab a copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookseller today. Not tomorrow. Today.

Pick it up along with Linux Kernel Development and complete your Robert Love Collection before the Joneses.