Back in Boston. Posted the hdaps driver and user-space tool.

The driver exports three things:

  • A device node, /dev/hdaps, that provides an interface via read(2) for retrieving all of the information from the device.
  • A collection of sysfs files, in /sys/devices/platform/hdaps, for manipulating the device and retrieving some basic information.
  • An input class device, allowing the position sensor to act as a pinball machine-esque mouse. Enable via the mousedev sysfs file.

Most, if not all, IBM ThinkPad T41, T42, and T43 models should contain the hdaps hardware. First pass, I want to get the driver working and user-space API down. Second pass we should look into parking the disk heads in an emergency fall. Finally, we should let the creativity flow: Xgl hacks, modify a pinball game to support physical tilt, an accelerometer applet for GNOME.

Use it, love it, extend it. Send me patches. Let's get this thing locked, loaded, and into Linus's kernel.