Remarkable Bird, the Norwegian Blue

Since inotify system call stubs are not yet in glibc, I put up a header file to add them.

I also put up first-draft minimalist inotify man pages.

At the Kernel Summit. Linus on changing the default I/O scheduler to CFQ: It better not eat anybody's disks, because when someone loses his porn collection, I hear about it for years.

The wise and noble Jon Trowbridge is speaking at OLS on Friday at 1130 on Beagle and--he assures me--the recently-merged inotify. The effort we exert to model the file system in user-space, allowing the 'ol pooch to do what he does best, is pretty impressive and should make for an interesting talk.

Humorous Monty Python air to Chief Justice Rehnquist's non-retirement statement: I'm not dead!