Hotdog in a Vending Machine

Recent chatter about the Fed ending its tightening of the money supply is premature. While the economic outlook is not as bearish as it was last year--and last month's manufacturing report did not absolve any such worries--we are not going to see a significantly slower third or fourth quarter. Spending is high and, well, there is still that housing market.

Yet some are writing that the Fed's "measured" rate hikes are nearing an end. I see little reason to doubt that the Fed, holed up in their meeting at the end of June, will raise rates another quarter point, bringing the overnight rate to 3.25. I, the most famed of Fed Watchers, suspect that the neutral rate is somewhere between 3.5 and 4.5 and that the Fed will end its hikes around the end of the year at 4.0 or 4.25 points. A lot, however, depends on the bond market.

The Chicago Board of Trade's Fed Funds Futures, always enthralling to peruse, seems to agree.

Porsche 959
The Famed Porsche 959: Not street-legal in the US

Mr Welinder, you really need not make strtol(3) so complicated:

    long n;

    errno = 0;
    n = strtol (str, NULL, 0);
    if (errno != 0)
        perror ("strtol");

I know it is not functionally equivalent, but dude, let's not make mountains out of molehills.

Kay Nat
The train, Kay and Nat

Also, sir, when would isdigit(signed char) segfault but not isdigit(unsigned char)? Neither should ever crash.

50 EUR
Somehow, fifty EUR ended up on a sushi conveyer built

Bastien definitely wins the award for looking the least like his hackergotchi. (Photo courtesy of Ross, who has made a replacement hackergotchi).

Flying back to Boston tomorrow. Germany has been wonderfully fun, but it is time to fly back across the pond. Monday will find me in New York.

I think that my right tonsil is inflamed or infected or just really mad at me. I am having problems eating all of this delicious German chocolate.