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Kay Sievers is a Wunderhacker.

SUSE Meeting
Meeting at SUSE

Being six hours ahead of Boston--and waking up rather early--I have been reading these things called "Pre-Market Reports."

Who would of known? Before the markets open they do reports on what the markets might do. This sure beats my current tactic, which is waking up at some random time to a groggy holy shit, a rally! as I stumble into E*TRADE.

Nuremberg Castle
Nuremberg has castles

One of the points of my GUADEC talk was that, despite all of the horrid things I said about the performance implications of our design decisions, a big blame is the total, utter lack of good tools.

Brian Nitz, who was in attendance, blogged about some of the nice tools that Solaris has. We are seriously lacking in this department.

I've been hacking on a few tools over the last couple of days, including some disk I/O statistics stuff for Beagle and some pmap(1) hacks. I wrote stack detection awhile ago for pmap(1); I would also like to detect the heap and other ELF regions. Also, you know, a better debugger, profiler, performance analyzer, so on and so forth.

Nat and JPR
Somewhere, Sometime

The weather in Nuremberg is really nice.