Software-Related Happenings

Netapplet 1.0.7.

GNOME Volume Manager 1.2.2.

Brand-spankin-new Inotify patch and SUSE 9.3 kernel packages.

Beagle has a new Wiki-based home page, thanks to Joey, and is primed for a 0.0.10 release any day now.

This idiot is crashing in my guest room for the summer

While the CPI rose 0.5 percent in April, the core CPI was unchanged over the previous month. This, and falling crude oil prices on the futures market, dampen my worries over stagflation. Depending on who you ask, I was not even alive in the 1970s and--don't get me wrong--while I think it might of been a fun decade, full of intrigue and whatnot, I have no desire to return to that economic condition so, you know, this is good news.