Real Totalitarian

The Real ID Act is a proposed national identification system in the United States. Strictly speaking, it does not require a national identification card. What the act does legislate is a federal standard for state-issued identification cards such as driver's licenses. I do not doubt, however, that in time such a standard will amount to nearly the same thing.

The House passed the bill on El Cinco de Mayo with a vote of 386-58. Tomorrow, without substantial debate on the subject, the Senate will vote. The act is attached as a rider to a larger military spending bill. Unfortunately, only three Republicans voted against the bill. One, Ron Paul (R-Tenn), warned that the bill "establishes a national ID card" and "gives authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to unilaterally add requirements as he sees fit."

Whether or not the government federally dictates the card's use, they will surely become a de facto requirement, with everyone from your local bar to your airline demanding to see "the card" or, perhaps with a cute Eastern European accent, "papers!"

rml in a suit
I wore a suit in protest

My biggest concerns with the card is its lack of real security accompanied by a false belief that it brings us some sort of protection from terrorists and its affront on state's rights and small government.

The site UnRealID has a form making it easy to contact your senators. We have but hours left.