By the Beard of Zeus

Inotify work is culminating. The last few patches have been stable and without major incident, mostly addressing the concerns of other kernel developers. We definitely know our interfaces work; user-space loves us. And after the locking rewrite, I am quite confident in the internal implementation. So now is the time, folks. I could use your support. Be vocal, be bold.

The latest patch is 0.22. I have long wanted to replace our internal data structure locking with semaphores, moving away from spin locks. Being kernel code that deals with user-space, semaphores are a much more applicable locking mechanism, allowing cleaner code and a welcome ease of sleep. Locking concerns precipitated by existing spin locks made this conversion difficult but, with this latest release, I am proud to unleash semaphores on the world.

2.6-mm has carried inotify for awhile, too, providing another option.

I wrote a glib-based sample application demonstrating the simplicity of inotify usage, integrating inotify with the glib main loop using GIOChannels.

Finally, SUSE 9.3 users can grab ready-made kernel packages.

The new Keyhole satellite shamble on Google Maps is absolutely amazing.