Astonished that Joey Shaw was not elected Pope

Australia is beautiful. The climate reminds me of northern California and I must say that the coffee here--what we Americans would call espresso--is absolutely scrumptious. Even the airport barista made a cup of cappuccino to rival 1369.

Massive congratulations to Jeff Waugh on the occasion of his wedding! My gift to the newlyweds:

At the Wig and Pen, last night

Rusty and I's tutorial went well. We pistol-whipped our students with a charming mixture of wit, knowledge, and lies. We taugh kernel basics around a series of interactive assignments, having the attendees write a driver for the LoveRusty 3000 hardware cryptography engine that Rusty implemented in QEMU. Starting with a Hello World! module, we had them add PCI support, an interrupt handler, sleep and wake up, a character device, and locking, although we ran short of time at the end. I know Rusty and I had fun; I hope the attendees learned a bit, too.

Desktopcon CFP! Get on it.