Your investment will be worth zero dollars

The great inotify locking rewrite of 2005 is complete. The new code is insanely great, devoid of bugs, full of optimizations, and of course a towering example of locking perfection.

One Way

Inotify is in the latest 2.6-mm kernel.

Patches are available for various other kernels.

SUSE users can download kernel packages.

Beagle is ready to roll with the latest inotify and, if you have not heard, perhaps you live in a cave, with bears, it is the greatest thing ever.

Get on it.

Central Square

Also, I released gnome-volume-manager 1.2.0, fresh off the presses for the GNOME 2.10 release.

The European Council moved to adopt software patents. It is a sad state of affairs when the workers creating the patentable knowledge nearly universally despise the concept. You don't see many drug researchers fighting against medicinal patents; you don't see many software engineers fighting for software patents. Help fight.