Senator Lieberman was on Meet the Press

Setting: Old Burying Ground, the oldest graveyard in Cambridge, dating to 1635. The adjacent church is preparing an Easter egg hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Eggs and the Dead

Me: Are you really having an Easter egg hunt in a cemetery?

Church Lady: Yes. Would you like to join in?

Me: No, thank you. Don't you find the concept of small, snotty children trampling over the graves of our forefathers in search of crappy plastic eggs a tad bit sacrilegious and disrespectful?

Church Lady: Different strokes, different folks, I guess.

Chris found an Apartment

I had this whole thought-experiment ready, to get her to weigh in on whether I could desecrate the graves of her parents, and then get her to draw a line somewhere, thereby forcing a philosophical conundrum. Can I start digging up your mother now, or do I have to wait a couple hundred years?

But, seriously, how could I follow up different strokes?

Me: Happy Easter!