The first definition is not irony

I finally finished the design of the great inotify locking rewrite. The plan is to remove the current incestuous interrelations between the various data structures and stick to a very strict, one-way, hierarchy. It is a bit too complicated to hash out here, but my whiteboard in the office enshrines the details.

SUSE 9.1, 9.2, NLD9, and SLES9 users can grab a Grand Unified kernel package and run.

If less fortunate: current patch.

Andy asleep on the couch
Andy, Crashing on my couch

Readers of my book often ask what text editor I use. I do not know why they do not ask more interesting questions, such as, Can I have my money back? (My publisher says I need to point out here that I am kidding, the book is wonderful.) Anyhow, I use Vim.

More interestingly, Linus uses--last I checked--a variant of Emacs called uemacs (MicroEmacs). It is small and lightweight. In other words, a complete opposite of normal Emacs. SUSE users can install it via the "uemacs" package.

Nat has these pictures in his apartment that he took of these funky tiles. I was watching L'auberge espagnole the other day and they had the tiles, so similar, obviously the same.

tiles in L'auberge espagnole
Nat was there!

Nat took the photos in Barcelona. They are the same tiles.

Joey has me hooked on Netflix. I would expound on the greatness, the grandeur, of the whole operation, but he has imposed a blog-topic moratorium until he writes his grand treatise on the subject. Whatever.