Blizzard of 2005

Historians have already named it the Great Blizzard of 2005 and proclaimed it the worst blizzard in recorded history. Or at least since 1928. Definitely the worst blizzard since I moved here.

My buddy Dustin was in town, visiting law schools. The weather decided to help me convince him of the merits of Boston over New York by dumping thirty plus inches of fine white powder on the ground. I think he enjoyed Boston nonetheless.

Behind Door Number Two ...

On Sunday, the blizzard still pillaging the city, Dustin and I decided to go sledding. NBC 7 was interviewing people playing in the Common and some chick said that Charles Street Supply still had a good selection of winter toys. So we set off to get some equipment and then find the girl.

Charles St was running low by the time we got there, but I picked up a ninja-fast sled, The Torpedo, and this thing called--I think--the Super Sheet. Don't ask about the sheet.

Super Sheet
It is super fast and uncontrollable (where have I heard that before?)

We went to the Common and ran into both the girl and the news dude. He ended up interviewing me for the news! I was essentially a blithering idiot, so I doubt that they aired it, but maybe it was live or something and they have no choice. If you saw me, email me. And I apologize.

The snow was so deep and powdery that it was hard to sled. But we made our own runs down the big hill with the monument on top and the sledding was pretty good. And we met some girls who go to Emerson and were tobogganing on food trays that they stole from their cafeteria.

Sledding on the Wolverine Run (Black Diamond) in the Common

Eventually we got tired of climbing that damn hill, so we went to a pub to get some beer and chowder. Recharged by the beer and strong on a second wind, we walked over to Beacon Hill and sledded down the narrow and steep streets with a bunch of little kids. I think I crashed into John Kerry's house.

Beacon Hill
A nicely groomed run on Beacon Hill

I grew up in South Florida, so the concept of playing in the snow is foreign to me, modulo skiing. It was pretty fun.

Joey once told me that one of the worst parts of the winter is that it is so hard to get out of bed because you are just so dang warm and cozy in there and it is so cold and life-sapping basically everywhere else. I have this fly out of bed and tackle the world thing going on when I wake up and I never thought that I would feel that way. I mean, I don't think I have ever used my snooze button in my life. In fact, I have this uncanny ability to wake up without an alarm, all on my own, whenever I need. Well, let me just say, my bed is warm, people. I am wondering if I can conduct all of the business of my day from there, but I will probably fall back to sleep.

Greatest Blizzard, Ever

I updated the Linux Kernel Development page with information about the second edition. I hate to use pity as a tool, but my kids are starving and it is a really good book.