A Year of Abuse

Today marks my one year anniversary at Ximian, n'ee Novell. It has been a fun ride thus far and we are just getting started.

NYC Street
On the gritty streets of Gotham this weekend

All of my coworkers have been showering me with treasures and congratulatory words, which are all really appreciated. The Novell gift for one year of service is a large platinum 'N' statue, inscribed with the Latin phrases parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus and ave, Caesar, morituri te salutamus. Roughly, in English, thanks!

Pretty sweet, if you ask me. Thanks, guys.

Natty Boom Boom
In the City, you meet people

I put up the first iterations of the inotify locking rewrite, introducing saner locking and new ref-counting of the various inotify data structures.

Inotify is shockingly easy to use directly from within your application and trivial to integrate into your mainloop (since it is select()-able). A good example is in the inotify-utils package, which contains a sample test app. You could also check out Gamin, a FAM replacement that has native inotify support, and of course Beagle.

Speaking of the dog that everyone rolls with, the other day Joey and Nat hacked up client-side result filtering:

Best Screenshot (Thumbnail)

The screenshot also highlights my in-progress Galago presence integration. I hit a "snag" with Galago (ahem, Chip, help a brother out here) but have been too consumed with inotify to sit down and beat out a solution as of yet.

But Beagle is nicely coming together. We are at the stage where we are tuning for performance and memory consumption and that says a lot. I still have a lot of inotify hacking, Galago integration, and so on to do--and the other hackers have full plates, as well--but the project is really culminating nicely. If you have not played with Beagle yet, what the heck are you waiting for? We would really like people to start using it to conduct real-world searches of their data. The goal is to make a tool that really helps the user take control of their information and, if need be, get their life back on track.

Apparently, I submitted the first GUADEC paper. People, seriously, get on it. For those curious, my paper is entitled Attached at the Hip: A Case Study On a Year of Pair Programming with Joey Shaw.