Ninjas are Mammals

I recently learned that my book is used in the operating system design course at Columbia (that is the Ivy League, to you). Happy to hear that!

The other day, I was debugging a hard lock in my experimental rewrite of inotify's locking. I finally got some sort of back trace out of the kernel before it choked, so I wrote down the trace, register dump, etc. on my whiteboard. I spent the next day or so studying my whiteboard, tracking down the problem:

This call chain is interesting...
Hm, how odd that both edb and edi have the same value...
I wonder, if...
...and so on.

Turns out I was locking an uninitialized variable, a bunch of garbage on the stack. Sigh.

Going to New York with Joey and Nat this weekend. Psyched, although I do not think that we are going to get to wear ascots.

Nick Piggin recently joined Big N to hack on the kernel. Excited.