Jury Duty

I really only have one irrational fear in life, which is being sequestered on a jury for a long period of time. I have no idea why I fear this, I am sure the odds are smaller than plenty of other things I should worry about, but the thought pains me nonetheless. I do not like the idea of not having control of what I do, spending months on some media circus of a trial. I mean, I have code to hack and books to write. Deep down, I know that ultimately this fear is retarded, like so much of my life.

Regardless, I paniced when I received a summons for Jury Duty yesterday. I have lived here only six months, and already they seek my unsympathetic judgement of my "peers." Joey, meanwhile has lived here many years and has yet to be summoned. And he wants to serve! Phil's case is not going to be heard by a jury, but I sure wish it was. I could neglect to mention that we are acquainted, subvert the legal process, and delivery a wonderous not guilty verdict. Afterward I would hop out of the jury box, run up to Phil, slap him five, and yell No Double Jeopardy, Bitches! (This last quote provided by Joey).

The real problem is that my duty is not until mid February, so I have over two months of sleepless nights fearing that I may be assigned to a two year OJ-esque mess. Let's just hope that Senator Kennedy does not do anything illegal.

Last night we hit up Wally's for live jazz and then got sushi in Chinatown. Fun.

From my last visit to Gainesville, wherein I posed as a reporter, taking pictures for the, uh, party section of the paper:

The man in the panda mask belongs to my posse

Last week I was home for Thanksgiving. I cooked a lot. It was nice. I sat next to Ty Law on the flight.