We got inotify 0.14 out last week. Few needed changes remain. I want to redo the locking. Largely, I already have, but the current diff is so large and unwieldly that I can never hope to break it up. Also, I have not even booted it yet. I additionally want to replace our bitmask lookup with the idr layer. I actually already did this; we just need to integrate the patch. Finally, I need to change how we do resource limits, moving from per-device to per-user limits and then removing entirely the open device limit. But even now, inotify really is nice, an excellent example of a file change notification system, full-featured but simple to use.

The Kernel Event Layer has been merged into 2.6.10-rc1. I really hope that drivers and other subsystems start using it, helping to stomp out polling and ushering in a new era of asynchronous instant events. Also, I get a dollar for each kevent.

Landon from MTV's Real World
Landon hates Mel

Took a mini vacation last week, flying back to Florida, renting a car, and driving through the state, seeing family and friends. In Gainesville I watched The Red Sox take Game 7 of the ALCS with some old UF friends and Landon from this season of MTV's Real World. I asked him if it was hard to hide his sexuality all season.

Keith in a Mask
And so the evening went

Had a good time, due in no small part to animal masks. But after too much beer and animal masks and posing as newspaper photographers and the triumpant Sox win, I had to leave, heading south.

Eventually, I arrived in South Florida, spent some time with my parents, cooked a wonderful meal of broccoli and leak soup and veal chops, slept off Gainesville, and flew out of FLL back to BOS.

As intended

Apple's iPod and iTunes really change how I listen to my music, I guess because I never did the mp3 thing and always listened to CD's. Anyhow, I would really like a utility for downloading album covers for all of my CD's. I know that there are hacks and even tools to do this now, but I have not found any that require zero intervention and do it automatically. I have too many albums--I want zero effort. Now, if I am wrong and such a tool does exist, by all means, email me. Second, I really would like iTunes to be able to tell me if I have an existing band for which there is an album I do not have. I picture this being most useful when a new album comes out. You know, like, Hey! Jimi Hendrix just released a new CD and you don't have it yet.

If Apple had an extendable and open API like we do for Beagle, these wishes could more easily become reality.

Nat describes his Robosapien's mannerisms as caveman-like. Boy have robots come so far.

We finally fired Ron Zook. Now hire back Spurrier, the man who lost but five times in The Swamp. I hear he needs a job.