GNOME Summit

The GNOME Summit was fun. Oh my is the Stata Center a beautiful and unique building. I have always loved Gehry's creations--there is a Stata Center book on my coffee table--but being inside this work of art is just wonderful. Awesome architecture. Organic, alive.

Stata Center
The Stata Center at MIT

My good friend Chris from school was in town for the conference. He stayed at my place, we had a good time, laughing, catching up.

Alex was in town, too, which was, naturally, fun.

Chris, lover of all things related to pirates

The conference had some real highlights: Beagle, Tomboy, Gnoetry, Celestial. I gave a talk on inotify and other kernel happenings. Adam followed up with an overview of device model related changes, including resource management and driver binding, two things that HAL should really appreciate.

There were a lot of new faces to GNOME--heck, I am a newer face than many to GNOME--and it was good to see the first-time visitors and contributors. These folks are really the future of GNOME, and we need to do more to generate and support such hackers. In the kernel community, we do not have to worry about procuring and retaining new blood as much, because we unabatedly have this constant influx of fresh talent. The cabal might stay constant, but the pool of developers changes by the week.

Some played Badminton

The Gators, The Sox...they have both let me down in the last few days. Le sigh.