There is a Turkey Vulture at the Federal Building

This weekend found me holed up in 1369, drinking tea, writing. Fingers to keyboard, writing apace, but the lure of Sunday's absolutely wonderful weather got me out before long. Late afternoon and I was walking along the Charles, taking photos. My camera and I ended up in Harvard Yard, Autumn had not yet taken toll but the trees were beautiful nonetheless. I stumbled across a big BBQ, for freshmen or student's in the dorms or whatever, and I enjoyed a nice hamburger and chatted with my classmates.

On Saturday, I ordered a bunch of books from on Graph Theory and related matters in Discrete Math. I often find myself in these kicks where I get a ton of books on a single topic and immerse myself in the subject. Last year, it was Emergence and Self-Organization and Swarm Intelligence. Next, I hope that it is salmon and other anadromous fish.

My insanely awesome library

And I need new books; over the weekend I reread ASWOHG, the only book I think I have ever read more than once, certainly one of my favorites.

After my meal at Harvard, I met up with Anna and JimmyK and Pat and Taylor for trivia. First place, natch.

What JimmyK looks like winning trivia

Still playing with inotify. Version 0.92 is posted. I built SUSE kernels with inotify support.

Aside from the obvious - 8.2 megapixels, 5 fps, a huge buffer, 9 AF points - a few other properties of the Canon EOS 20D are working to convince me that this was a worthwhile purchase, a true successor to my 10D, not just a move to bring feature parity between Miggy and I. Among others: A B&W mode, 1/8000 shutter speed, no more wussy mirror sound, and instant on.

Also, today, walking to lunch with Davey and Joey, we discovered a large turkey vulture in front of the federal building in Cambridge. Further investigation uncovered that the vulture is part of an overzealous janitor's plan to secure the building against terrorism. Apparently, and I kid you not here, I would never lie, the turkey vulture is a trained attack bird and will maim any intruders to the lucrative terrorist target known as the Department of Transportation.

This is going to be a busy week.