My Special Day

Birthday was good.

Under the Golden Gate

Chatting with Luis and Joe the other night about why we do what we do. Software engineering is so wonderfully unique; it is the purest engineering application of logic, yet rife with creativity. We work with the most malleable media, essentially pure thought-stuff, confined by nothing physical, where a concept can go from first idea to implementation in minutes. Software does not require year-long experiments or expensive materials. And I really believe that we are at the point in software where truly awesome work is possible. There are few things that I would rather be doing.


Eric Shrock replied to Greg's retort of Eric's original post. I still do not agree, but his second round of arguments are a lot more valid than the first. He still misses the point, though, mightily. Greg again replied, although I think that he is addressing the minutia, these technical issues like serviceability (which I do think we are lacking in, if you are talking about a space such as HA enterprise where it is needed), and not the big picture that Eric is missing, which is what Linux is all about and how solid the kernel really is in comparison. If Eric's argument is that Linux is unacceptable because the kernel community is not welcoming of technology, such as servicability, that Solaris deems important, what happens to his thesis when Linux does get these features, which it ultimately will? What about the features that the other 90% of the world care about, that Linux already has and does better? Even these points are not the point, however, which is that with Linux and the community and open source, in time the kernel will converge on the missing features and sore points. And then what? Linux is already a solid well-designed kernel and if it is just n features that keep one away from it (and not even the lack of those features, but a perceived lack of interest in the community for those features), where is Solaris when Linux adds crash dumps (which exist in patches anyhow and vendors are shipping)? What then?

You need an argument more to the core, more fundamental than missing features, dude. But it is not my grave.

My Bike of Wanderlust

inotify hacking continues. Updated patches are available. John added the finishing touches on MOVED_TO/MOVED_FROM support, so you can now see the source and destination file on any rename and move. Also got some bug fixes, code cleanup, queue management, more specific events (not just, say, CREATE but more specifically, say, CREATE_SUBDIR), and so on. Looking good.

Trow set up a nice new domain for Planet Beagle.

After seeing Shaun of the Dead, it is clear that JimmyK is really ZombieK. And, no, even as a zombie he still does not have a job.