Manitoba Karbone


Last week Joey moved from Brookline to Inman Square, which is nice as he now lives closer to me and to Charlie's. He is also a lot more talkative these days, presumably since he no longer has Jacob's witty conversation to engage him on a daily basis.

Joey's new place is very near Bukowski's, which segues me into my real reason for writing. He and Nat and I found ourselves there last night. Early in the night our waitress mistook Nat's youthful exuberance for something else and she cut him off. I was laughing pretty hard, but I did catch Nat proclaiming "but I am a 27 year old man!"

Sixty six percent of my home is now covered by AirTunes.

I seem to have a lot of applets:

red-carpet applet, resapplet, netapplet, gaim

That first icon is snorp's "Bangkok Brothel Emergency Exit" icon. What it means to say is "you have no updates available." Such a bounty of applets really drives home the need for a smarter more extendable gnome-session.