Leaving tomorrow morning for Foo Camp. Nat and I are driving up from SFO and unlike last year, I have ensured that we are not going to confuse Sebastapol with a similar and nearby city such as, say, Portland. Unfortunately, however, the imperviable writing machine Chuck Palahniuk has not peppered out any travel writting for this destination.

The whole Foo Camp thing is pretty excited, and I am really psyched.

Much to my delight, snorp's "Bangkok Brothel" icon is not the only creatively chosen icon in his new applet.

red-carpet, resapplet, rhythmbox, netapplet, gaim

In this striking rendition, he pulls out all the stops: this icon may scream "you just rolled a three" to the uneducated, but what it really means to say is "you have updates available."

Jakub, Tuomas: The new resapplet icon is sweet. Thanks!

Clearly, I am the Applet King.

The third large hurricane of the season is distressing and depressing. In the monkey office, Luis and I, what with both being Florida boys and all, have been keeping abreast of all of these hurricanes with trepidation, and all of our friends and family back home are in our thoughts. This latest bastard storm looks like it might head straight for Gainesville, which would suck since Central Florida is nowhere near as "hurrican proof" as South Florida. All of my friends at school are certainly not worried, though, but surely only thinking will they cancel class? and dude, will the bars still be open? but I still wish them the best.

Been poking at inotify lately. I like it. I think using it for file change notification and kernel events layer for general asynchronous events is the way to go, providing the infrastructure for bringing kernel-desktop integration into, you know, the 21st century, or at least the 20th century.

Which reminds me, during my talk at OSCON, someone in the audience asked why something or another I was talking on was so important. I replied, "Dude, this is the 1990s, we need to get with it." I am suck a dork.

Anyhow, the kernel events layer is finally remodelled as signals emitted from kobjects and is now tied into sysfs. Andrew merged the patch into 2.6-mm.