He thinks I cannot understand when he speaks Spanish

Last month, when the Canon EOS 20D was first announced, I casually mentioned to Miguel my interest in this fine beast, and how it was a worthy replacement for our 10D's. Today, eating pizza in the lounge, Miggy walks up, smiling, smug. Come in my office, duder he says. The light shining through his window, there in his office is a brand new 20D. I couldn't let you be the only cool cat. Wow, this baby is nice. I mean, unlike the 10D, the camera boots up immediately. I was losing precious minutes like Nat loses his house keys. I sprinted, well it was more of a jog, who am I kidding, I walked briskly to Calumet, a photo shop here in Cambridge. I would not let Miguel's reign last long.

The first photo with my new Canon 20D

It lasted twenty minutes, max.