Spent the weekend in Sebastapol for Foo Camp. Holy crap. The theory goes like this: Get some 150 odd people together for a camp out. Provide meeting rooms, food, drink, and Internet access. Don't even furnish a schedule - no, no, we are all into self-organization so just throw these people in a room and have them plan the entire conference in an hour. Fanciful, eh? Well, it works.

It has been a whirlwind camp out, numerous talks, too much wine, my broken ass tent, amazing people. The father of the Macintosh brought his teeny remote controlled plane. Some dude has a Segway...that he designed and built himself. Rockets flying in the sky. A chocolate printer (that is, a printer that prints chocolate, not a printer made of chocolate; in this case, the printer was made of legos).

My definition of it all: The sort of place where you can be talking shit about Perl or SPF and, lo and behold, there is Larry Wall or Meng Weng Wong and, well, now you gotta back up those words. I was exceedingly fortunate for the oppurtunity to go. Thanks, Tim.

Golden Gate rushing by

Occasionally, we stopped

Nat picked me up at SFO. We hung out in the city a bit, stopped at Peach's, got lunch, went to REI to get me a tent, visited the Golden Gate. Finally we made our way north. We stopped some more, got coffee, went to Kinkos, regaled ourselves of Flipper Johnny.

At Foo Camp, I had great conversation with Stuart Cheshire, the Zeroconf/Rendezvous/OpenTalk architect and Apple employee, about the Rendezvous client library on Linux, its license, and how we both know that this stuff rocks and is superior to UPnP so let's get on this. I think good things will be happening there. Zeroconf (or whatever it is called today) is an amazing piece of technology, at once very simple and greatly useful, and something we really want to have pervasive throughout Linux.

Nat and Orkut

My Tent aka The Worst Tent Ever

Edd is here. I don't know why they let these crazy Englishmen in. Anyhow, if you have not bought his book or mine, please do. When the two books are near each other, they glow. The ability to light a room is alone worth the purchase price.

During the camp, I heard from Greg K-H that the Kernel Events Layer found its way into his driver BK tree. It will not make 2.6.9, but will end up in an early 2.6.10-pre release. Sweet. Also, I rolled a GNOME Volume Manager 1.0.2 tarball, final for GNOME 2.8.0. Now to hack on inotify, because holy crap does dnotify suck.

Unfortunately, the weekend had to end and I am now back in Boston, in time for another crushing first place victory last night at Charlie's in trivia. I left Foo Camp with renewed motiviation and staggering hope for mankind.